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Switching to Digital Platforms

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

It is so very important to stay connected to our community during this time. We have decided that having a blog allows us to upload materials, resources, and videos that align with the supports we were currently offering to our students in classrooms. Everything from literacy to french phonics, math to language development. Please contact us if you would like support in specific areas in any subject. We are also going to post videos on social emotional learning to support our students at home. Please check in regularly to see all our exciting new posts. We will also be collaborating with classroom teachers so our materials presented will sync with what they are also offering families.

Ms. Lockhart's Introduction:

Hi team! I am the Learner Support Teacher and English Language Development Teacher at Roosevelt Elementary. I have worked in a few districts now and am so happy to call Prince Rupert my home. The forest and sunsets are my favourite and I enjoy all the trails around town. I'm excited that our learning will continue and encourage you to email and ask any questions you have. We are here to support the students, families, and our community. My goal throughout this time is to remain connected and support families in any capacity we can! Looking forward to learning alongside you.

"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have" - Maya Angelou

Ms. Leong's Introduction:

Hello District 52 families and students! My name is Nicole Leong and I have been a Learner Support Teacher for the past 5 years and worked as a Behavioural Interventionist for the past decade. I am a strong supporter of learning through passion and play that is why I often encourage students to find what they are passionate about and their learning can grow from there! I love creating and have a background in art therapy. Nature is often my muse and sense of calm which is why I am so happy to call Prince Rupert home. Ashleigh and I are looking forward to connecting with you on how to best support you and your families during these trying times. Together we can be stronger.

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