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Occupational Therapy

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Hello!  My name is James Wintle; I am a registered occupational therapist and honoured to be the OT for School District 52.  Occupational therapy helps people do the things they need to do or want to do, but have difficulty with.  I work to improve students’ printing, concentration, muscle strength, coordination, health, and many other things. My goal is to help students be as independent as possible and to help them take part in activities such as learning, playing, and socializing.  

Typically I work directly with teachers to come up with classroom plans for students or  I work directly with students.  However, as we all adapt to the current changes in the delivery of education, I have added "teletherapy" as a means to work with teachers, families, and students.  I can provide services in real-time through either phone or the videoconferencing platform Zoom.

If you have any questions about OT services, please feel free to email me at james.wintle@sd52.bc.ca

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